Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Characters I Want The Book Genie To Resurrect and Others I Want Him To Bump Off

Top Ten Tuesday(9)

Another week and another Top Ten Tuesday brought to us by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week’s theme is “10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me” and I have decided to go with 10 characters I want to be brought back to life PLUS characters I want bumped off. So it’s like trading basically.

Now I know EXACTLY what you’re thinking:


Yep, I’m breaking TWO genie rules. But guess what? They’re my wishes and this is not “Aladdin”.

Also this is a great opportunity to rant about my book feels and nerd rage.

Strap yourselves in kiddos, you’re about to go on a emotional roller coaster with me.

***** I’ll be “resurrecting” characters from the following books: A Song of Ice and Fire Series, Rot & Ruin Series, Anna Dressed in Blood, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, & The Hunger Games. So if you haven’t read them and want to, there will be spoilers (obviously) about character deaths*****

Six” Characters I Wish To Have Resurrected:

10.) Everyone (A Song of Ice and Fire Series)

Well….everyone who didn’t totally deserve it, which is plenty of people. Let’s just do my favorites: Any and all of the Starks, The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, Oberyn Martell, Khal Drogo, Renly Baratheon, Jeor Mormont, just to name a few.

So…just bring the nice ones back, Book Genie and leave the rest.

That’s the whole point of the series though right? To be shocked, heartbroken, and knowing our characters are in constant danger, it’s why we keep reading. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

9.) Thorin, Fili, & Kili (The Hobbit)

This was upsetting to read even before they were hot dwarves, but watching it happen on the big screen when they ARE hot dwarves is just as bad.

I mean in all of “The Lord of the Rings” and besides these guys in “The Hobbit”, Tolkien never really killed anyone off. I don’t understand why he decided to kill off the entire line of Durin! Why?! Well there was another death that was just as upsetting in “The Lord of the Rings” and that was Boromir.

I mean come on! Not fair! I love ALL of the characters I don’t want any of them dead!

Help me out Book Genie and just bring everyone back, can you do that in one wish? You better.

8.) Sirius Black (Harry Potter Series)

I can deal with a lot of the deaths in the Harry Potter series, but I refuse to deal with Sirius Black’s. Harry deserved to have a father figure and he finally gets one only to have him killed off? No, not okay.

Bring him back Book Genie!

7.) Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games Series)

Really? Who decided it was a good idea to kill off the hottest guy in this series? Oh right…..Suzanne Collins. Well we can change that, because why would anyone want Finnick to stay dead?

Do every woman on the Earth a favor, Book Genie, and bring Finnick back to us.

6.) Tom Imura (Rot & Ruin Series)

This guy was not only a total and complete badass, but he was also the world’s greatest big brother. If zombies took over the world I would definitely want this guy on my team, which he can’t do obviously if he’s dead.

So in order to save my butt in the event of a zombie apocalypse, Book Genie, I would like you to bring back Tom Imura to protect me.

5.) Tybalt the Cat (Anna Dressed in Blood)

Not actually a picture of Tybalt….it’s just a black cat but you get the point. Now “Anna Dressed in Blood” is full of gore and gruesome deaths that didn’t phase me at all, I could have cared less about all the people who died during the course of the book. But the cat?! Really? You DON’T kill off the lovable cat! NO! He protected the family from ghosts and what happens to him? He gets eaten by one! Not cool!

Book Genie, bring me that badass kitty back!

“Four” Characters I Wish To Have Bumped Off:

4.) Zoey Redbird (The House of Night Series)

Yep let’s just get rid of her and then I can avoid reading this series completely. I wasted reading time on half of these and I want it back!

Book Genie, let’s just….bump her off….then we can read books worth our time.

3.) Bella Swan

Do I even need to explain this one, let alone rally support around it? No, I didn’t think so and if you do need convincing just look at that picture…..that should convince you.

So Book Genie, let’s just do the world a favor and avoid reading about a wet mop character. And if we avoid casting Kristen Stewart in anything the good people of Earth can view on a big screen, that’s a side benefit too.

2.) Lucinda Price (Fallen Series)

Fallen (Fallen, #1)

Yeah, I’m kind of going to do the same thing with Lucinda as I did with Zoey Redbird. Just get rid of her right away, that would have made a better book than “Fallen”. Seriously Lucinda is too stupid to live, I’d be doing her favor as well as myself. She really is one of the dumbest heroines I’ve ever read about.

Book Genie, you might as well just blow up this entire book and its series.

1.) Everyone (City of Bones/ The Mortal Instruments Series)

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, everyone from City of Bones/The Mortal Instruments series (Because I only read “City of Bones”) annoys the living fuck out of me. I’d feel a lot better if I can at least imagine destroying their books and therefore them.

Instead of vaporizing them, Book Genie, I would like for us to take them and toss them into the fiery pits of Mt. Doom just like the One Ring because like the One Ring this series is evil and must be destroyed.

And thus concludes my TTT for this week, thank you Genie!

Do you agree or disagree with any of my listed characters to bring back to life or bump off? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you guys!

The Sassy

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