Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Bookish Villains

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Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes and created by Lainey @ Ginger Reads Lainey. You can check out the group’s Goodreads page for this month’s topics!

This week’s topic is our favorite villains, because who doesn’t love a good villain every now and then? Also I’ll throw in here that Sam specifically asked us to try and NOT include any villains from Harry Potter which is understandable because I think we could all rapid fire name off 5 great Harry Potter villains, am I right?

So with HP off the table it forced me to think a little harder about my favorite book villains and so I mostly have a list of morally gray “villains” who aren’t necessarily 100% evil but are still the bad guys. If there’s one thing I love it’s a complex antagonist that makes me sympathize with them a teeny tiny bit.

***** Spoilers for “Gone Girl” below! You have been warned!*****

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5.) Amy Dunne – “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

Image result for amy dunne

So don’t take this as me actually liking Amy herself so much as appreciating how diabolical and purely evil she is. I think as much as we all hate Amy we can agree that she is a good villain with loads of complexity and smarts.

4.) Cheshire – “Alice” by Christina Henry

Image result for cheshire cat

(No he isn’t a cat in this book but I wanted to have a picture…)

While Cheshire isn’t exactly a villain in this book he isn’t a good guy either, he’s sort of in a gray area which is still good enough for me to consider him kind of, sort of a villain. He has a twisted sense of humor and ways of helping along his own agenda, he’s a very interesting and complex character.

3.) Talis – “The Scorpion Rules” Erin Bow

Image result for chris pine star trek gif

So Talis is probably one of the most hilarious villains ever and I couldn’t help but love him. He’s the AI that took over the world to ensure we all have peace by keeping children hostage, etc etc. He’s a pretty complex character that has his reasons but as I said he’s a favorite of mine due to his hilarity alone.

(I picture him as Chris Pine in Star Trek above)

2.) AIDAN – “Illuminae” by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Image result for aidan illuminae

Once again this is a kind of gray area, while AIDAN isn’t inherently good he isn’t all bad either…he’s an AI that kind of went a little crazy and did bad things but also had his reasoning behind it. IT’S COMPLICATED, OKAY? Read the book! Either way he’s definitely one of my favorite “villains” because his narrative was so interesting and he developed a lot throughout the progression of the story.

1.) Victor Vale – “Vicious” by V.E. Schwab

Image result for victor vale

Now I will say this Victor Vale isn’t technically the villain of this story but he also kind of is…’s very complicated to explain if you haven’t read “Vicious”. The characters here are very much in one huge gray area, Victor plays the part of a super-powered villain but he isn’t a bad guy and he doesn’t have deranged illusions about it either.

Definitely my all time favorite “villain” and sorry to those of you who haven’t read this book yet because it’s really hard to explain what exactly Victor is! You all that have read this probably get where I’m coming from though.

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Have you read any of these books? Did you love their villains too?

Who are some of your favorite (non Harry Potter) villains?

How about some of your favorite gray/ morally ambiguous characters?

Let me know in the comments and feel free to link up your T5W as well!

The Sassy


Book Review: My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, & Jodi Meadows


The comical, fantastical, romantical, (not) entirely true story of Lady Jane Grey. In My Lady Jane, coauthors Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows have created a one-of-a-kind fantasy in the tradition of The Princess Bride, featuring a reluctant king, an even more reluctant queen, a noble steed, and only a passing resemblance to actual history—because sometimes history needs a little help.

At sixteen, Lady Jane Grey is about to be married off to a stranger and caught up in a conspiracy to rob her cousin, King Edward, of his throne. But those trifling problems aren’t for Jane to worry about. Jane is about to become the Queen of England.


I just have to rate this book a full five stars! I don’t usually enjoy historical fiction or romance but the way these ladies wrote it I couldn’t help but love it. It’s hysterical, fun, light-hearted and so very unique and I want you all to go read it ASAP!


The story in “My Lady Jane” is essentially a twist and sort of retelling of English history involving the Lady Jane Gray, King Edward VI, and Lord Guildford Dudley who are our POV narrators. So if you love the history of this time period then I’d say you’ll probably have a lot of fun making comparisons between this book’s re-written history and the real history, I know I did!

A large part of deciding whether you’ll love this book or not really depends on what kind of mood you’re in and what your sense of humor is like. DO NOT go into this book expecting something tense and dramatic because it most definitely is not any of those things. “My Lady Jane” is silly, light, and charming and full of hilarious lines and references to Monty Python and The Princess Bride (although on the latter I cannot specify too much as I haven’t seen the entire movie, don’t kill me). So if all of those things sound appealing to you then you’ll  with no doubt love this book if you don’t take it too seriously because the book itself certainly doesn’t.

While I don’t necessarily consider this YA Fantasy since it’s mostly a historical retelling it does contain some elements of fantasy such as magic. Basically we have Edians who have the ability to shape-shift into a certain animal and live among the rest of us normal humans. I very much loved how this magic was incorporated within the “real” history and plot both while also adding to the overall cuteness and fun of the story.

The pacing was great too, I thought there was never a dull moment with “My Lady Jane” and couldn’t put it down. Another great feature was the writing I thought it was just brilliant, fun, and blended everything together nicely making the book a joy to read through.

Overall I think the plot has plenty of cute romance, action, and adventure all seamlessly melded together in very clever ways. It’s not too dramatic or serious and just a very fun, entertaining story.


The characters were all absolutely fantastic and I adored them, they were clever, witty, and interesting. Each of our protagonists developed in their own way throughout the story and had vivid personalities of their own making for some fun and three dimensional characters. I don’t have any issues with the main characters whatsoever and even the villains were fun to hate….because no one can hurt my precious characters! No one!

Jane is a girl after my own heart, honestly probably one of the most relatable characters I’ve had the pleasure of reading about. She’s bookish, a bit silly, and quite spunky.

Edward was one of the more funny protagonists I thought his narration was hilarious. He’s also a big softy and generally I thought he was adorable and precious and needed to be protected at all costs.

Gifford, while a great character in his own right, was my least favorite just because I personally thought his personality didn’t shine as brightly as Jane’s and Edward’s. He was the more boring one for me while reading although I must say I DID love his perspective during certain parts that I shall not specify because spoilers!


This romance was a winner and I will say when I am convinced to love a romance in a YA book then it is usually a five star read for me. It did not necessarily have me swooning but it was a well done, slow-burn, trope-free romance and really that’s all I’m really looking for. Even thought the romance is a big part of the plot it doesn’t ever take over completely and over shadow all of the other things going on, which is always appreciated by me.

Gifford and Jane were very cute and I felt that their romance was realistic because at first they don’t care for each other in the least bit and slowly fall in love. Realistic romance folks! That’s all I want! No tropes here!

in conclusion

I LOVED this book plain and simple and had zero issues with any of the aspects of it. I NEED these authors to write another book together STAT!

What I Liked Loved:

  • The romance was sweet, trope-free, and not the sole focus
  • The protagonists were all wonderful, funny, and developed
  • The plot is clever, unique, and hilarious
  • The magic is interesting and adds a lot to the plot

What I Disliked:

  • Nothing. I rated it 5 stars for a reason!


YES! A BILLION TIMES YES! This book is perfection and I highly recommend reading it! Although like I said earlier if you want something more serious and dramatic steer clear but if you want a light, silly book that’s tons of fun then “My Lady Jane” is for you!

Links: Goodreads / Amazon / Book Depository

The Sassy

Black Friday Book Haul 2016!


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and if you all went out shopping I hope you got everything you went out for!

I picked up more than a few books for Black Friday and even a few other books this last week as well so I’ll be throwing those in with this book haul too. 15 of these books were from Book Outlet which is my absolute favorite online shop to buy books from because they’re so cheap, no I am not an associate for them I just really LOVE good deals on books! So if you guys want in on their Black Friday deals it’s 30% off the entire website until Tuesday November 29th!

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These are a few of my other great deals during the week  I got on my Kindle that are unrelated to Black Friday shopping but hey it’s a book haul! “Replica” is the only book in this bunch that I got during shopping Black Friday at Target.

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

I got this on Amazon Kindle Books for only $1.99 and everyone seems to like Libba Bray’s books so here I go. Also this is still on sale if any of you are interested I’ll leave a link!

Amazon Link: “A Great and Terrible Beauty”

The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker

This was only $2.99 on Kindle and even with quite a few negative reviews I’d like to give this one a shot. Since my library doesn’t have a copy (but they do have the sequel for some reason) I figured getting it at this price was the best way to read it. It’s currently $3.50 if any of you are interested I’ll leave a link for this as well.

Amazon Link: “The Witch Hunter”

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd

This was on sale for $1.99 and it sounds like it may be interesting regardless of the few negative reviews I’ve read. Might as well try it especially at this price and once again I’ll leave a link!

Amazon Link: “The Madman’s Daughter”

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

This was a day only sale for $1.99 and I’ll tell you I have been waiting for a good deal on this book FOREVER! I have yet to see any negative reviews for it and I love YA Fantasy so I’m looking forward to reading it.

Replica by Lauren Oliver

I’ve been up and down about this book but seeing it for sale for $9.99 at Target on Black Friday I couldn’t let it go since this is a new release.


The rest of these books are ALL of the Book Outlet website as a part of their Black Friday sale.

After The End by Amy Plum

This is a book about the world after it’s been ravaged by nuclear radiation from World War III and a girl who comes back from a hunting trip to find her entire clan gone. She sets out to find them and discovers that the world in intact and there was never any war and everything she was told is a lie.

Doesn’t that just scream interesting? I think so.

Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

 A middle grade book about warrior fairies and all I have to say is: Laini Taylor. That is all.

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

This one is dystopian and for some reason it really reminds me of Mad Max so combine that with the fact that it has fabulous reviews I had to buy it.

Half the World by Joe Abercrombie

Because I need to finish this series.

Half A War by Joe Abercrombie

Again…I need to finish this series.


Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn

I actually have one of Stephanie Kuehn’s other books “Delicate Monsters” which sounds amazing and so I don’t know what compelled me to buy another one when I haven’t read the other. It sounds unique and has good reviews so I couldn’t go wrong with how cheap it was as well, like $2.00 I think.

Half Bad by Sally Green

Witches and Bad Witches! There’s a lot of mixed reviews but I think the premise sounds worth reading. Plus I don’t have enough witchy books.

Jackaby by William Ritter

Recommended to me by Ariana @ The Quirky Book Nerd and I’ve been dragging my feet on borrowing it from the library so now that I have my own copy I won’t have an excuse.

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

I was curious about this book before but after reading Lauren @ Wonderless Review’s review of it I had to get it.

Origin by Jessica Khoury

So I absolutely loved Jessica Khoury’s other book “The Forbidden Wish” and if the writing in this one is half as good as it was in that one it will be worth it.


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Dragons. That is all.

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman

I’ve heard this being referred to as YA “Da Vinci Code” and that’s all I need to know. I love “puzzle” books if that makes sense.

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes

Great reviews have convinced me this book is worth my time and money.

The Unquiet by Mikaela Everett

Parallel universes have always interested me so a book about people being trained to kill their alternate selves and take their places sounds SO GOOD.

Zombies Vs. Unicorns by Various Authors

Just look at the title and tell me you aren’t at least a little curious.

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So did you guys get any good Black Friday book deals?

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Are any of these on your TBRs as well?

Let me know in the comments!

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ARC Review: Timekeeper (Timekeeper #1) by Tara Sim


Two o’clock was missing.

In an alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers, a damaged clock can fracture time—and a destroyed one can stop it completely.

It’s a truth that seventeen-year-old clock mechanic Danny Hart knows all too well; his father has been trapped in a Stopped town east of London for three years. Though Danny is a prodigy who can repair not only clockwork, but the very fabric of time, his fixation with staging a rescue is quickly becoming a concern to his superiors.

And so they assign him to Enfield, a town where the tower seems to be forever plagued with problems. Danny’s new apprentice both annoys and intrigues him, and though the boy is eager to work, he maintains a secretive distance. Danny soon discovers why: he is the tower’s clock spirit, a mythical being that oversees Enfield’s time. Though the boys are drawn together by their loneliness, Danny knows falling in love with a clock spirit is forbidden, and means risking everything he’s fought to achieve.

But when a series of bombings at nearby towers threaten to Stop more cities, Danny must race to prevent Enfield from becoming the next target or he’ll not only lose his father, but the boy he loves, forever.


**** Big thank you to Sky Pony Press for sending me this ARC in exchange for an honest review****

This is one cute and intriguing book although it took me a while to get into it which is why I feel like I can’t give it a full 4 stars, but I do think “Timekeeper” is very much worth your time. (See what I did there?)


“Timekeeper” is essentially a story all about how a young clock mechanic falls in love with a tower’s clock spirit and it is adorable. While the romance does play a big part in the book it is not the main focus of the story, and thank goodness for that! There’s an added mystery involving bombs, clock towers, and towns whose time has stopped, that adds a lot to propel the story forward and damn was it good as well as unpredictable.

The setting is also something we don’t see too often in YA and that would be steampunk. Of course this is an alternate reality England mixed in with steampunk and while I liked the setting I also didn’t at the same time. This is a steampunk book but I thought it definitely could have used MORE, all we get in the story that even makes this feel like steampunk is the clock towers (which are essentially JUST clock towers) and the occasional mention of automatons. That’s it. I just felt like we could have used more mention of the gadgets and machines that make steampunk what it is.

As you can obviously tell this book is about clocks and time and since Danny, the MC, is a clock mechanic we do get quite a bit of information on how the clocks function and such. While this could potentially bore some people I thought it was actually quite interesting and it’s definitely not info-dumping, we don’t get overloaded with so many mechanics that you’ll get insanely bored.

While the mechanics of the clock towers themselves are interesting there is nothing in this book more intriguing than the clock spirits. The minute clock spirits are mentioned I wanted to know more about them, which of course I did slowly throughout the book and was not disappointed. I think they are the most creative part of this story and add so much magic to it.

There’s also a bit of added Greek mythology with Chronos and Aetas the god of time who gave people the ability to weave time into the clock towers. While it didn’t necessarily add a lot to the central story I thought it was a nice touch and helped build on the universe Tara Sim created.

While I really loved the story overall I will say that it really dragged in some parts, especially in the beginning. The story didn’t grab my attention until about 30-35% of the way in where we got introduced to the mystery.


The characters were just kind of okay, I didn’t absolutely adore them but I didn’t hate them either. They weren’t as developed as I would have liked and overall they felt a little too young…..they’re supposed to be teenagers and they seemed like middle school age which is probably because of the writing.

I liked Danny as a main character and Colton is the sweetest thing ever. I also liked a lot of the secondary characters although I wish they would have been a little more fleshed out.

As I said they’re just okay, nothing too special.


Usually it takes quite a bit of convincing to make me enjoy any YA romances but let me tell you Danny and Colton are the cutest couple ever, seriously they’re downright adorable. I really enjoyed their romance, it’s so sweet and heart-warming. There is a degree of insta-love between them but it isn’t extreme and it was easy to look past.

As I mentioned earlier their romance plays a big part in the book but it isn’t the sole focus at all. I love having a wonderfully written romance that doesn’t take up the entire story.

Also if you couldn’t tell it’s a LGTB romance which adds to the diversity!

in conclusion

Overall I was really impressed and happy with this book but I had a few “meh” issues with it which is why it didn’t receive a full 4 stars. I will definitely be looking forward to the sequel though.

What I Liked:

  • The story was unique and interesting
  • The romance didn’t take over the entire plot
  • World-building was pretty spot-on
  • The added mythology was intriguing
  • The romance was SO FREAKING ADORABLE

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The characters were just sort of “meh” and not developed enough
  • The steampunk setting didn’t seem steampunk-y enough
  • The pacing dragged throughout the book


Yes I recommend reading “Timekeeper” it’s a very original, charming story. If you’re looking for diverse books this also fits the bill!

Links: Goodreads / Amazon / Book Depository

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday(9)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week’s theme is a Thanksgiving freebie which can be things you’re thankful for, books you’re thankful for, anything related to Thanksgiving! So I decided to just take the easy way out and do the Top Ten books I’m thankful for, these are going to be books I can’t imagine living without!

I’m also going to stray away from answers that I KNOW everyone else is thankful for as well such as Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, and such because who isn’t thankful for those?

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10.) Nimona by Noelle Stevenson


This is a book that I loved so unexpectedly and finished it within a day because it’s so awesome. Definitely recommend taking a look at “Nimona” even if you don’t usually read graphic novels and if you’re looking to get into graphic novels this is a great place to start. It’s hilarious and heart-warming!

You can read my full review of “Nimona” here.

9.) And I Darken by Kiersten White

And I Darken (The Conqueror's Saga, #1)

This is a dream book come true: three dimensional characters, a complex plot, and a gender swapped Vlad the Impaler! I have to say I’m just thankful for an actual badass heroine!

You can read my full review of “And I Darken” here.

8.) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

This is more of a I’m thankful for Gillian Flynn because she’s an amazing author and I love all of her books. This is so original and twisted that I can’t help but be super thankful it exists.

7.) Alice by Christina Henry

Alice (The Chronicles of Alice, #1)

I love retellings and I especially love Alice in Wonderland retellings so having a dark, twisted, and horrific one is really cool and I’m definitely glad Christina Henry came up with the idea!

You can read my full review of “Alice” here.

6.) The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)

At first I absolutely did not want to read this series because I thought it was over-hyped and very romance focused but I’m very glad I gave it a shot because it’s actually worth all the hype! I’m very thankful for such a great series (so far from what I’ve read) and amazing characters.

You can read my full review of “The Raven Boys” here.

5.) Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)

This was such a surprisingly wonderful book for me with it’s fantastic world building and mythology and Laini Taylor’s beautiful writing. I think it’s safe to say I’m mostly thankful for Laini’s writing though.

You can read my full review of “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” here.

4.) Slasher Girls & Monster Boys stories selected by April Genevieve Tucholke

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys

I love horror books and I love horror books that actually scare the crap out of me so of course I’m very grateful to have a book full of truly terrifying short stories!

You can read my full review of “Slasher Girls & Monster Boys” here.

3.) Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Vicious (Vicious, #1)

Morally ambiguous super powered humans? Yes please and enough said. We need more books like this!

You can read my full review of “Vicious” here.

2.) Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

Crazy AIs, freaky space viruses, and spaceships. What more could I want? This book is the definition of adrenaline pumping and beside that it is 100% unique with both format and story.

You can read my full review of “Illuminae” here.

1.) Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1)

Do you see a pattern here? Obviously I’m just thankful for Jay Kristoff because his books are fantastic in my opinion and they are some of the best fantasies I’ve read.

You can read my full review of “Stormdancer” here.

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Have you also read any of these books? What did you think?

What books are you thankful for?

Let me know in the comments and feel free to link up your Top Ten Tuesday as well!

The Sassy

How To Start A Book Blog: Steps, Advice, & Tips All In One!


I’ve decided to start doing some How To posts here on The Sassy Book Geek about book blogging and all of the wonderful things that come with it! When I was thinking of starting a book blog and when I finally did, these types of posts were super helpful and I’d like to try and provide that for others as well.

I’ll be making this into a kind of series of Book Blogging Tips so you guys will definitely be seeing more posts like this that will hopefully help you out if you’re a beginner or even if you’ve been blogging for a while!

This post (as you can see) will be all about starting a book blog and then some tips and advice about what to do once you have it up and running!

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Picking Your Genre/ Focus Of Your Blog

1.) A big step you need to take before doing anything is deciding what kind of blog you want to run.

Do you want to focus on romance novels?
Young Adult books?
Sci-Fi and Fantasy?
Or maybe you want to do a little of everything?

This is all about what YOU want to talk about and share with everyone on your blog! It’s also helpful for other bloggers to find your blog if you have a set focus or genre of books, being a YA blogger myself there’s nothing more off-putting than checking out a blog that says it’s YA and then see nothing but reviews for adult romance novels.

2.) Another HUGE step is picking out your blog name, of course! Try coming up with something catchy and creative, your blog name reflects you after all. I suggest trying to come up with a name that involves something that means a lot to you or something that mirrors your personality. I definitely don’t claim to be great with coming up with names and I’m actually pretty bad at it. The Sassy Book Geek comes from my love of books of course and all things “geeky” and my friends are constantly berating me for my “sass” so tada The Sassy Book Geek!

Here’s a few blogs I follow to give you some inspiration!

copy-of-top-ten-tuesday2Picking A Blogging Platform

First things first you need to decide whether you want a free blog or a self hosted blog, which you pay for. There are pros and cons to both of course some being that with a self hosted blog your website will be while with free blogs it will look like So of course having your own domain name has a nicer ring to it than the free blog one but free is free, right? Then sometimes (as with WordPress) paying for your blog opens up the right for you to have 100% customization options so you can do a lot more with your blog design.

Personally I think everyone should start out with a free blog that way you don’t waste any money before you know you’ll stick with it! Here area few ideas for free blogging platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly

Of course I will direct everyone to WordPress because that’s what I use and I find it to be quite user friendly!

Designing Your Blog

This, like your blog name, should reflect upon your personality and well….your blog name as well. So if you and your blog name are fun and spunky go for some more bright and vibrant colors in your blog design!

I’d also like to note that if you go with WordPress your blog design is kind of limited because you are only allowed to choose from a few free templates that you can’t customize 100% without paying. However, this does not mean you can’t take a free template and totally rock it by adding your own designed headers and graphics! I highly suggest using Canva to design said headers and graphics.


Important Blog Pages To Have

Of course there as many options for pages on your blog as you want there to be but there are a few that are essential for your readers to easily navigate your blog. These pages should be up and running before you start posting.

1.) About Page

I think it’s absolutely essential to include an About page on your blog I find it annoying personally when I want to know more about the blogger and there’s no information to be found! Having an About page also makes linking your blog to tags etc. a lot easier.

2.) Contact Page

Including a contact page will make it infinitely easier for other bloggers, publishers, or authors to get a hold of you. This may be for any number of reasons from asking you to participate in something to promote your blog or review requests. So be sure to include your email address or any other ways people can contact you.

3.) Review Policy

This almost goes hand in hand with your contact page, if any publisher or author wants to send you a request to review a book it’s a good idea to have a page like this explaining what you will and won’t review that way no one’s time is wasted.

Be sure to include:

  • Whether you are or are not currently accepting review requests
  • How long it will take you to read/review the book
  • Genres you will review and genres you will not review
  • Your preferred format for reading (print copies or e-copy formats)

4.) Review Index Page

This is not a page you necessarily need up and running right away but it’s definitely a good idea to add this page once you start posting book reviews. I find it pretty frustrating when I go to a blog and want to browse through all of their reviews and there’s nothing there!

Picking Your Rating System

Most people go by the 1 to 5 star rating system or occasionally 1 to 10 star rating and you definitely don’t have to do stars either you can pick whatever you like! I’ve seen people use skulls, Tardises, teacups, and an assortment of cute animals too. I find it nice to know how other bloggers rate their books and so it’s nice to have a page or something in the sidebar explaining your rating system.

Your Blog’s Sidebar

There are a few things you should be sure to include in your sidebar that will make it easier for readers to navigate your blog.

1.) Search Bar

It’s quite annoying to go onto another’s blog and be looking for a specific post and not be able to search for it at all. Do your readers a favor and make sure you have a search bar on your sidebar!

2.) Ways To Follow Your Blog

Of course you want to make it as easy as possible for readers to follow your blog, right? If someone can’t find any easy way to subscribe to your blog they will more than likely leave and then you miss out on a potential reader/follower. So be sure to include your blog platforms widgets and an email subscription widget as well so people can follow you!

3.) Social Media Links

You can of course just include these on your Contact Page but it’s far easier for readers to see these links on your sidebar and follow you!


Do An Introductory Post

Say hello to all of us out here in the book blogging community by doing up a post to introduce yourself!

Promote Your Blog

This can be done by promoting your blog on your social media or by blog hopping! I find that blog hopping is very helpful in finding not only new bloggers to chat with but also to gain new followers. Please do not spam other people’s blogs constantly with links back to your own blog, instead try to leave thoughtful comments and hopefully they’ll come check your blog out!

Start Posting

The best way to start giving your blog a start and gaining followers is to generate content so to do this get reading and do up some book reviews. One of the other best things to do is join in weekly memes which can be Top Ten Tuesday, Top 5 Wednesday, or many other bookish memes out there. Not only are they a lot of fun to do but this will also help get your blog out there and start chatting with other bloggers!

And remember the rule: quality over quantity when it comes to doing up your first posts.

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Hopefully some of you found this post to be helpful whether you are wanting to start a book blog or have already started but need some direction!

Do you agree with my tips? 

Do you disagree with any of my tips?

Are there any tips you find to be helpful when starting out?

Are there things you wish you knew when first starting your own blog?

Please let me know in the comments!

The Sassy

Celebrating The Little Things Tag


I was tagged to to do this by Emily @ Rose Read and Laura @ Bibliofagista, thank you both so much this tag was a lot of fun! Make sure you guys head over to both of their blogs and check them out, they’re both fantastic bloggers and lovely people to talk with!

And if I tagged you in any of these answers you’re also tagged to do this tag as well! How many more times do you think I could have added the word tag? Tag.

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Who was your very first follower (if you can find out)? Tag them and give them a shout out!

Not counting any indie authors or other unrelated blogs my very first follower was Rebecca @ Rebecca Book Review from over a year and a half ago! Thanks Rebecca!

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What was the last milestone you reached?

WordPress informed me the last milestone I reached was publishing 200 posts! Then I thought to myself:

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That’s a lot of posts! I do have another milestone coming up as well….500 followers, I’m almost there and I’m honestly so grateful and shocked I have so many wonderful people reading my posts!

What was the very first post you posted on your blog? Share it with us!

Honestly, I hate looking back at my first posts because they’re just so awkward and cringe-worthy in my eyes but my first post was an Introduction. Proceed with caution because it’s lame and short.

Who was your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shout out!

I was followed 16 hours ago by Imane @ Booksaccino! Thank you so much!

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What was the last post you posted and who was the very first person who took their time to click the like button? Give them a shout out!

The last post I did was a book review for “The Crown’s Game” and it’s hard to tell on WordPress who the first liker was since they’re listed in alphabetical order when I try to find out. So I’ll do the latest person to like it which would be Debby @ Always Booking, thanks Debby!

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How many months have you been blogging for?

1 year and 3 months (15 months) the time has definitely flown by!

Do you have any bloggers you’re friends with? Give them a shout out.

There are so many! Michelle @ Book Adventures, Anna @ My Bookish Dream, Ariana @ The Quirky Book Nerd, Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews,and  Ashley @ Dreaming Through Literature. That’s just to name a few of course I have so many other wonderful bloggers that I love talking to as well and I’ll try and link as many as possible in the tagging below!

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Who originally created the last meme or tag you participated in? Give them a shout out!

The last tag I did was the This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours Book Tag which was originally created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. Head over and check this tag out guys because it’s very original and a lot of fun to do!

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Have you any social media related to your blog?

Yes I sure do although not as much as I’m sure most people have. I have a Twitter and a Bookstagram that are strictly book related, although I won’t always promise that’s true with my Twitter but for the most part it is!

Last but not least …. just say thanks to all your followers.

Thank you to each and every one of you! You are what makes book blogging so rewarding and fun!

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