Book Recs: Best Books Under 300 Pages!

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This doesn’t include novellas or graphic novels!

I was trying to think of a post I could do of book recommendations that kind of broke the mold a little bit. You know, not the typical “fantasy recs” or “sci-fi recs” (which I still love by the way!). PLUS everyone could use a good, short book every once in a while right?

I will link each title to my full review as well, if you’re interested!

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Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Number of Pages: 162

Even if you’ve seen the movie I still recommend checking this one out! It’s such a wonderful story that also delivers an eerie atmosphere at the same time, Coraline is such a fun and brave character to read about as well. Plus there’s a sarcastic cat character, bonus! You can never go wrong with reading a Gaiman book, his writing his practically flawless.

Dear Martin by Nic Stone
Number of Pages: 210

This diverse YAΒ  book packs A LOT of punch especially for being so short, it focuses on police brutality, racism, and micro-aggressions. The writing is excellent and the main character’s POV is very refreshing. If you loved “The Hate U Give” I definitely recommend checking this one out as well!

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
Number of Pages: 226

This is a super beautiful and emotional story, I don’t think I can even properly put into words how much you need to read this if you haven’t already! It’s about a boy whose mother is dying of cancer and in order to cope with this a “monster” comes to tell him 3 stories. Be prepared to cry with this one!

Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics
Number of Pages: 231

There’s a few YA horror books here in a row but hey, they’re good ones I promise!

This one is set out on the prairie during the “pioneer days” (for lack of a specific date) and the main character becomes pregnant out of wedlock. Fearing what her Puritan parents will think if they find out she hides her pregnancy as they venture out in search of a new homestead. It’s a bit slow to start but slowly builds up the scare factor until one mind-blowing ending. You won’t be disappointed with that ending, trust me!

Mary: The Summoning by Hillary Monahan
Number of Pages: 256

Based off of the “Blood Mary” urban legend, this is a really creeptastic story about a group of girls who end up summoning the ghost of Mary and must find a way to stop her from getting to them first. This was surprisingly scary but definitely not for the faint of heart!

The Girl From The Well by Rin Chupeco
Number of Pages: 258

I was surprised by how many negative reviews there were for this book because I thought it was fantastic! There’s plenty of Japanese mythology and folklore included and also the terrifying main character who is a ghost and hunts/kills murderers. While you are kind of rooting for her vigilante style justice….she’s scary, especially to me since I’m forever scarred by ‘The Grudge’……

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde
Number of Pages: 262

I’m not a big contemporary lover and especially not a romance focused one but THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! It’s full of diversity including POC and LGTBQ+ characters as well as characters with mental illnesses. Plus it’s just a cute, fun, and geeky story!

Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor
Number of Pages: 266

This is such an underrated book especially considering that it’s by Laini Taylor! Laini Taylor, people! It’s a book composed of three short stories, all illustrated by Taylor’s husband Jim di Bartolo (which his illustrations are gorgeous!), that focus on a kiss but not in the expected ways! Taylor’s usual gorgeous writing and creative world building are present in these stories as well!

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The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan
Number of Pages: 272

This is another book that qualifies as YA Horror but isn’t all that creepy or scary but does deal with witchcraft and some heavy subject matter i.e. sexual assault. The main character is assaulted (off page, but brutal nonetheless) and her friend is beaten within an inch of his life. In order to save him, and exact her revenge, she must collect body parts from her assailants. This is a very heavy book but very much worth the read in my opinion, that is if you can stomach the many trigger warnings.

The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King
Number of Pages: 287

This one was such an unexpectedly fun read for me, it’s an Indian-inspired YA Fantasy that centers around a character that is chosen by the Rajah to be his hundredth queen. However, she must fight for her place in a gladiator style tournament against this other ninety nine wives and all the while keeping her forbidden magic a secret. I thought this was fairly fast paced, loved the world building, and also loved how nothing was sugarcoated including the tournament.

Dreamfall by Amy Plum
Number of Pages: 288

“Dreamfall” is a book with a genre that’s hard to place, it’s sort of a YA horror and thriller mixed together. A group of teenagers, all with sleeping disorders, sign up for an experiment but end up in a shared dream-space filled with their nightmares. It’s a really unique book and definitely not boring!

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Number of Pages: 292

This is another pretty emotional book, it’s a Peter Pan retelling told from Tinkerbell’s POV about the romance between Tiger Lily and Peter. It actually shows a pretty dark, sad side of Neverland but still very much worth the read especially if you’re a Peter Pan fan.

Royals by Rachel Hawkins
Number of Pages: 296

Such a fun contemporary, seriously so much fun! The main character is sucked into the posh world of royalty when her sister becomes engaged to Scotland’s crown prince and gets herself into more than a little trouble. There’s some great twists and overall loved Daisy, the MC, she was so sarcastic and hilarious. Usually I’m not a fan of contemporaries but even this book won me over!

Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough
Number of Pages: 298

This is an even shorter book to read through since it’s told in verse, which I normally don’t enjoy but just loved the story so much that it was easy to overlook. It’s about the true story of Artemisia Gentileschi a 16th century Italian painter, and how she uses the stories of biblical heroes, Susanna and Judith, to encourage her as she faces the trial against her rapist. It’s a very empowering and feminist book and I highly recommend you check it out!

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Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

Did you find any new books to add? Which ones?

What are some of your favorite books under 300 pages?

Let me know in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “Book Recs: Best Books Under 300 Pages!

  1. ashley May 23, 2018 / 5:07 pm

    I’ve read Dear Martin and A Monster Calls and enjoyed them both. I’ll be reading the graphic novel of Coraline for one of my summer classes, I’m going to read the book before I read the graphic novel first.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Belle May 23, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    I love this post so much, Heather! Short books are the best for catching up with reading goals πŸ˜…. I adored Dear Martin and A Monster Calls, and Queens of Geeks has been on my TBR for a while. Thanks for all of the recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek May 31, 2018 / 8:52 am

      Thank you!
      Short books definitely help with reading goals a lot, when I get way behind I go through my TBR and pick out all the shortest ones, haha!
      Hope you enjoy Queens of Geek it’s a fantastic book and really easy to zip right through! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Angela (pooled ink Reviews) May 24, 2018 / 4:54 am

    This was a great post! Sometimes a short book is perfect to get me out of a reading slump or just great for a day read πŸ™‚ Royals sounds like a really fun book but I never got around to reading it and truth be told I sort of forgot about it but now it’s definitely back on my radar!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek May 31, 2018 / 8:54 am

      Thank you! I completely agree that short books are great for getting out of slumps and also catching up on reading goals! Hopefully you’ll enjoy “Royals”, I was not expecting to love it as much as I did it was a fun, quick book! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Naty May 24, 2018 / 6:13 am

    Amazing recs!! I’m so excited to read A Monster Calls and Blood Water Paint!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Destiny @ Howling Libraries May 24, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    Ooooh, great list! I loved Dear Martin, A Monster Calls, and Blood Water Paint so I’m super happy to see each of those on the list. I’m really excited to read Daughters Unto Devils, and I JUST got copies of The Girl From the Well plus one on the way of Dreamfall, so this makes me really happy. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek May 31, 2018 / 8:58 am

      Thanks Destiny!
      I could sing all of these books’ praises all day, haha, and the reason I read Blood Water Paint was because of your review so there’s that!
      I CANNOT WAIT to see what you think of all of those too nobody ever reads YA horror books I feel so it’s always fun to see what you pick up because you’re pretty much my YA Horror buddy! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews May 25, 2018 / 2:11 am

    Ahh I loved Queens of Geek, A Monster Calls, Daughters Unto Devils, The Hollow Girl and The Girl from the Well!! A bunch of the others are on my TBR too. I’m so grateful short books exist because of my attention span πŸ˜‚ they’re my favourite!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek June 27, 2018 / 2:40 pm

      Same here! Every time I’m in need of a quick read to get out of a slump I always go to the super short books, and like you said they just tend to hold my attention better! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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