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It’s a bit late for my TBR post but at the same time it’s not really, it just feels late to me for some reason! I’ve got a PILE of ARCs to get through quick this month so hopefully I can do it, so far so good! I did make it through 2 books already this month so I’m still going to include them as well as my current read, just to keep you guys in the loop.

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I finished “The Final Empire” and “Campfire” both already and I loved the former but the latter was just okay. Reviews will be up shortly!

I am currently reading “Contagion” and let me tell you if I didn’t have to go to sleep and work I would have stayed up yesterday and read it all. It’s so GOOD! I’ll finish it up today, but seriously if you love anything sci-fi horror or just books with infection/contagion/plague elements then go pre-order this baby!

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Hullmetal Girls by Emily Skrutskie

I’m definitely excited to read this other sci-fi this month, I’ve heard good things about Skrutskie and this seems full of girl power and awesome space suits!

In The Vines by Shannon Kirk

My review copy of this one just came in the mail but it’s a short mystery/thriller that has a creepy gothic feel to it.

Girls’ Night Out by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Summer is the time for all of the thrillers! Especially ones involving summer trips to Mexico!

I Am Still Alive by Kate Marshall

This is going to be my next read since I’ll be a part of the blog tour this month! It’s a YA survival story and it seems like it’ll be really good.

Scream All Night by Derek Milman

A dark comedy/horror YA story that seems like it will be both fun and maybe a little creepy.

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

A Little Mermaid retelling revolving around Ursula, that right there makes it sound awesome I’ve also seen good things from other reviewers about it.

Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton

I’m not too sure how I’ll feel about this one but it’s a YA fantasy with witch hunting and forbidden magic.

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Are any of these books on your TBR?

Have you read any of these, what did you think?

What are you planning on reading this month?

Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “July TBR

  1. Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads July 9, 2018 / 6:20 pm

    Oooh I’ll be really interested to see what you think of Sea Witch! I’ve heard such amazing things about it and I’ve had my eye on it for ages!

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