Review: His & Hers by Alice Feeney

There are two sides to every story: yours and mine, ours and theirs, His & Hers. Which means someone is always lying.

When a woman is murdered in Blackdown, a quintessentially British village, newsreader Anna Andrews is reluctant to cover the case. Detective Jack Harper is suspicious of her involvement, until he becomes a suspect in his own murder investigation. Someone isn’t telling the truth, and some secrets are worth killing to keep.

When I first started the book I was probably going to give it maybe 3 stars, because it was good but I wasn’t mind blown. However, once I got to that ending I was so shook I HAVE to give it 4 stars. Honestly, one of the twistiest books I’ve had the pleasure of reading lately which is always a plus considering how not much surprises me anymore since I read a lot of thrillers. Seriously, mind blown!

The story is told through two alternating POVs, the titular “His” and “Hers”, which follows Detective Jack Harper and news anchorwoman Anna Andrews as they both cover a murder in a small British town. They then both become suspects and the twists start coming! There are also flashes of a mystery third POV, that comes in very short snippets which add so much to the eerie, mysterious atmosphere. There are some twists and reveals along the way and were definitely enough to hold my attention and leave me wanting to know more. Things do get progressively darker as the story goes on (check trigger warnings below, for sure) and a lot of it was pretty shocking, which of course holds my attention as well but some of it was hard to stomach. It’s definitely a dark thriller so something to keep in mind.

I liked that the chapters were relatively short, that’s another thing that always pulls me along as a reader. I liked that it adds the “unreliable narrator” element to the story too, as we don’t truly know if Jack or Anna are completely innocent or not throughout reading and we just don’t ever know who to trust. So much suspense! Every time I thought I was clever and had it all figured out I got thrown for another loop! Then that ending? Holy cow. I did not see it coming whatsoever, like I said when you get to the end there’s just such a BIG twist I could not even believe it. It was so extremely satisfying too! Like one of the most satisfying endings I’ve read!

The only thing I didn’t really like was that at times the chapters did drag a little bit, we’re talking maybe a handful of them when they got bogged down in internal monologue which I personally got a little bit tired of at times. Overall I still think the pacing and chapters were good though. I also didn’t really care for the characters all that much, however, it was for reasons that were clearly intentional. They’re not good people, very morally gray, and they’re not necessarily meant to be all that likable. They’ve both been through a lot and handled their trauma in, not so great ways. So I didn’t like them that much personally but I think overall that was probably the point.

What I Liked:

  • Twists, twists, and more twists!
  • One killer ending (literally)
  • Overall good pacing and writing
  • Shorter chapters
  • Dual, interesting take on POVs

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Few dull spots/chapters
  • Didn’t like the characters personally

Overall this is a great book and I really don’t have much to pick at, I think that twist of an ending makes it all very much worth the read!

Trigger Warnings: Child Molestation, Child Rape (Depicted On Page), Animal Abuse (On Page), Gore, Murder, Suicide, Adultery/Cheating, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse

Huge thank you to Macmillan for providing me with a copy via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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