Random Ramblings #3 – Mini Bookhaul (Sept. 2015)

Ahhh! I’ve been so busy all day I didn’t get time to do my TTT! Never fear though I’ll finish that baby up and post it tomorrow…..still counts.

Anyways thought I would share my mini bookhaul from over the weekend.


I’m getting all geared up for October! Since ya know…..scary books…plus “The Martian”. But the movie for that comes out in October so I must prepare!
I’m pretty excited for some good YA horror books in time for Halloween (the best holiday).
Have any of you read these books? If so comment and let me know what you thought!

Random Ramblings #1 – Introduction

Hey! For any of you stopping by The Sassy Book Geek, I’m Heather and I’m SUPER new to the world of book blogging ……and just blogging period. I would absolutely LOVE to talk to any of you about similar interests or maybe even some of you more experienced bloggers, I would adore you for giving me any tips or tricks of the trade!! Also feel free to guide me to YOUR blogs as well, I’m definitely looking to meet more people!