Favorite Book Romances (2.0)!

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I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! This post was meant for V-Day but better late than never, I say. Today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite book romances, however, I have done a few other posts like this before so I’ll talk about some of my “newer” faves. If you would like to see some of my other favorite romances or just see some other Valentine’s Day-esque content, check out the links below!

I will be discussing the romances and romantic couples in each of these books and some couples are a bit of a surprise so I’ll list each book I’m discussing below for potential spoilers. I will also be linking my full reviews to each title if it’s available.

**** Please note that there are potential romance related  spoilers for the following books: An Enchantment of Ravens, The Tiger’s Daughter, Song of Achilles, Circe, Royals, Mistborn, Sea Witch, and The Afterward ****

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February New Releases I’m Excited For!

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February is always a fantastic month for new book releases and this year is no exception! There are definitely plenty of new books to choose from and I cannot wait!

These are listed by release date and honorable mentions (books I either have no interest in or haven’t read their predecessors yet) will be posted at the bottom! Each title is also linked to their Goodreads page if you’d like to add them!

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January Wrap-Up

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m stuck in an eternal slump. Please send help! I honestly think the cure for me would be to take a break from review copies and read the books I have that I’ve been dying to read. I just have so many review copies I still need to finish that I feel guilty doing that but it’d be better than this endless “everything slump”!

Thank you all for your comments and support, know that I appreciate it all even if I’m still really absent!

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December/Christmas Book Haul

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……..I really need to quit getting more books because I’m still in this terrible reading slump. I know, feels like I’ve been complaining for months (I kind of have). However, retail therapy actually works for me ESPECIALLY when books are involved so I don’t blame myself too terribly much. This isn’t a super big haul either but still counts!

Each title is linked to their Goodreads page in case you want more info or to add it to your TBR too!

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