Books I’m Sharing a Birthday With Today!

I know it’s been more than a hot minute since I’ve done a post, but I couldn’t let my birthday go by without doing this post! There’s just too many good books I’m sharing it with today, so hopefully this will be a fun little post and help me get back into the blogging game (seriously, 2020 can stop anytime now).

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Books I Share a Birthday With!

Top Ten Tuesday(21).jpg

In honor of today being my birthday (September 29th) I wanted to do something fun and birthday related! However, there aren’t that many tags out there and I already did one last year I believe so I decided “hey, it’d be kind of cool to do a post of books who also share my birthday!”. So here we are, I’m pretty proud of this idea! Unfortunately past the year 2015 there isn’t much help for finding books published in a specific month let alone a specific day so most of these are 2015.

These aren’t listed in any particular order and if I have reviews I’ll link them up!

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