November & Black Friday Book Haul

Top Ten Tuesday(30).jpg

Because there’s no such thing as too many books, right? Especially when you can get them on sale! Book Outlet is the bane of my TBR I swear!

All titles are linked to their Goodreads pages if you’re interested in getting more info on them.

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October Book Haul

Top Ten Tuesday(27).jpg

Another late book haul but hey better late than never and better a post than no post at all, right? I picked up some great used books last month and received a few cool ARCs so let’s dive in!

Each title is linked to their Goodreads page in case you want more info or to add it to your TBR too!

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August Book Haul (I Really Need To Stop, But I Won’t)

Top Ten Tuesday(19).jpg

It’s a little late in the month for my book haul but better late than never right? I do a book haul damn near every month, I think I need help. I’ve gone from book lover to book hoarder I think.

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July Book Haul!

Top Ten Tuesday(12).jpg

I had quite the haul last month with some of my books getting separated into different shipments so the rest will go into my August book haul! There’s some great books here that I’m more than excited to read!

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April Book Haul! 40 Books, Yikes!

Top Ten Tuesday(3).jpg

I know, I know: that’s a TON of books! Fortunately I didn’t pay full price for a single one of them! This haul is an accumulation of books I received for review, books I bought at my library’s book sale, Book Outlet (of course), and my first order from Thrift Books. I was actually really happy with the condition of the used books from Thrift Books, I was a little leery at first but I was pleasantly surprised.

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March Book Haul!

Top Ten Tuesday(1).jpg

I feel like I’ve been doing a haul every month now which is both a good and bad thing! The good thing is: books! The bad thing is: my bank account probably isn’t too happy with me….

There are so many great books though I mean how can I resist? As usual I’ll do the eBooks first and then move onto physical ARCs and copies I have purchased.

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