Halloween Non-Horror Recommendations!

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So as I promised I’ve done up a post for those of you who want to read some spooky books for Halloween but don’t necessarily like horror or want your pants scared off! These are mostly all thrillers or have a paranormal factor present.

If you want to see my Halloween Horror Recommendations you can check that out here.

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Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

(Review Here)

A great diverse read featuring a Latino family of brujas (witches) and when Alex tries to rid herself of her powers her entire family vanishes. This is a very magical adventure full of family love and who doesn’t love a good witch book?

The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas

(Review Here)

This is a thriller about a girl who lied about who murdered their babysitter when they were younger and must now hunt for the true killer. This doesn’t have much for Halloween vibes but it is a very dark and twisted story full of surprises. It definitely gets gritty and you’ll get chills reading through it!

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

(Review Here)

Who doesn’t think “Coraline” is a Halloween classic now? Because I sure do! It’s subtly creepy and just absolutely perfect for reading this time of year.

The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook

(Review Here)

Another thriller but this one has some psychics involved making it all the more perfect for some Halloween reading. A girl who fakes being psychic must now help the police find a missing girl but she may just have some insider information….

Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel

(Review Here)

Harbingers of Death? That screams Halloween in my opinion! A mysterious boy shows up in town accompanied by flocks of strange crows and when he saves Angie from something supernatural she realizes he may not be human either. Paranormal elements and a slightly creepy atmosphere makes this another great read for non-horror fans!

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Another book that shouldn’t surprise many of you but “The Graveyard Book” is about a boy who is raised by the supernatural residents of a graveyard. It’s full of adventure and just straight up adorableness.

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

A mystery thriller revolving around Jasper Dent the son of the most infamous serial killers in the world. Jasper was being groomed to take over the “family business” and therefore can see crime scenes from a criminal’s POV so when a new serial killer shows up in his small town he’s determined to prove it’s not him.

So, so, sooooo many twists and turns with this one it’s especially great if you have a morbid curiosity about serial killers, like me.

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

(Review Here)

I could honestly recommend any of Flynn’s books but this short story fits the best in my opinon. It’s about a woman who fakes psychic readings and help from the beyond for money. When a woman wants her help ridding her house of something evil our main character may just start believing in ghosts….

Super quick read and open ended so if open endings aren’t your thing I’d skip it.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

(Review Here)

Psychics, ancient sleeping kings, ley lines, and magic trees I think it’s safe to say this isn’t your run of the mill paranormal romance or urban fantasy. It’s full of magic and sets a very fast pace not to mention you will definitely fall in love with the characters!

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney

This is more Middle Grade than YA but it’s still super interesting and full of supernatural spirits and creatures and there’s more than a few creepy moments too as Thomas learns about how to be a Spook.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

(Review Here)

This one is filled with monsters, demons, undead, and spirits and while it has a few dark moments it mostly follows a girl named Tea learning to control her powers of necromancy.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

(Review Here)

This book fits into a kind of neat genre but it’s about a girl who wants to hunt monsters and boy who is one of those monsters in a city torn into two sects. The monsters are very unique and fun to read about and the characters are a bit morally grey, definitely a fun read though and the monsters aren’t TOO creepy either!

Bad Blood by Demitria Lunetta

(Review Here)

Another witch book makes the list! This one is about a girl who visits Scotland and learns a bit more about her family’s past as she continues having visions of two women and a bit more about witchcraft and blood magic. Honestly the background of Scotland makes this book worth the read as well!

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Have you read any of this books? What did you think?

Will you give any of these books a try?

What are some of your favorite non-horror Halloween reads?

Let me know in the comments!

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Book Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

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Coraline’s often wondered what’s behind the locked door in the drawing room. It reveals only a brick wall when she finally opens it, but when she tries again later, a passageway mysteriously appears. Coraline is surprised to find a flat decorated exactly like her own, but strangely different. And when she finds her “other” parents in this alternate world, they are much more interesting despite their creepy black button eyes. When they make it clear, however, that they want to make her theirs forever, Coraline begins a nightmarish game to rescue her real parents and three children imprisoned in a mirror. With only a bored-through stone and an aloof cat to help, Coraline confronts this harrowing task of escaping these monstrous creatures.


This is going to be a shorter review than I’d like but the story itself is under 200 pages so I don’t have too many opinions about it.

Let’s start!

I loved everything about this book, it’s practically flawless just like the rest of Gaiman’s work. I don’t know if I can count myself a true Gaiman fan yet though since I’ve read 3 books but I’ll definitely be working my way up there!


Trust me when I say it’s creepy because it most definitely is, but in a very simple way. I don’t think the goal was to scare you or creepy you out, but to just simply tell Coraline’s story. Well, and if we get scared and creeped out along the way that’s just a bonus isn’t it?

The plot line is very straight forward and it excels at delivering an overall eerie atmosphere at the same time. Coraline has moved into a new flat where her parents work all the time and ignore her a lot. She wants to explore and wants things to be more…..interesting.

Remember how people always tell you to be careful what you wish for?

Well that’s pretty much the whole plot because Coraline’s life does indeed get quite a bit more interesting. She decides to open up a tiny door that’s supposed to be bricked up, but imagine that, when she opens it there’s a tunnel. Of course she walks through it and appears in a copy of her flat where she meets her other mother and other father.

They have black buttons for eyes and they’re scary as fuck. But Coraline doesn’t mind because she’s suddenly in a new world that’s so much more fun than the other one she lives in. She gets to do whatever she wants and everything’s perfect.

Or is it?

The other mother wants Coraline for herself, however, and that’s really where the story begins. When everything starts to go bad.

Gaimain’s writing is, as always, beautiful and easy to read along with. You’ll be at the end of the story before you know it!


Coraline is wonderful. She’s curious, clever, and courageous. “C” what I did there? I’m not lame. I enjoyed her character so much, she’s everything I love in a heroine! Coraline is determined and not easily fooled, which makes things all the more interesting.

And the cat was an awesome addition to the story! Who doesn’t love a good, sarcastic cat character? He pretty much talked and acted how I’d expect a real cat to, you know…if real cats could talk.

The other mother made for a great villain as well, she was actually very terrifying. If she just sat across from me and stared I’d be paralyzed with fear and if that doesn’t make for a great villain I don’t know what does.

in conclusion

Coraline is a great read for all ages, she’s a brave character that’s a lot of fun to read about. Plus everyone likes a good, creepy book once in a while right? Oh come on now, it’s not that scary.

I can’t wait to get my hands on more of Gaiman’s books!


Definitely, like I said it’s for all ages! If you’re a Gaiman fan and haven’t read this you’ll love it and if you haven’t read any of his books before this it’s absolutely one I’d start with!

 Links: Goodreads / Amazon

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