Going On An Unplanned Hiatus (That Technically Has Already Begun)

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Hey everyone, firstly I’d like to apologize for my complete lack of posting! I’ve already been having trouble finding time to blog this summer and now that fall is arriving I’ve found that I’m in a bit of a blogging slump that is slowly turning into a reading slump as well.

So I’m taking this chance to officially announce that I’m going on a blogging hiatus for a bit and therefore will not be posting any memes, reviews, or tags for a while. I also won’t be commenting on posts until I come back as well. The only thing I will be posting are any ARC reviews I have coming up this month since I’m obligated to review those of course! I am not sure at this moment how long the hiatus will last (it could be a month or a few weeks or just a week, who knows?!)  since I’ll be very busy soon with helping my best friend get married, which is very exciting of course and being a bridesmaid is hard work!

I miss talking with all of you and being able to post consistently and hopefully on this hiatus I will find the time and motivation to start back up again soon! When I come back I will be back in full force and be stalking all of the posts I have missed so be prepared for a comment barrage!

Thanks guys!

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