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I actually think about this quite a bit as I never know if I should do a short review or a longer review. I’m interested to know what you guys prefer in reviews, shorter or longer ones! I honestly don’t really prefer one strongly over the other and both have their own pros and cons, which is what I’d like to discuss.

I have a lot more pros for each than I do cons, because honestly I think both short and long reviews are great!

Definitely let me know what you think down in the comments and join the discussion!

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What are some pros of shorter reviews?

  • I like to think that shorter reviews can be a lot easier to do overall since you aren’t writing as much of course, and they definitely don’t take up as much time.
  • You can get your overall feelings on the book across a lot quicker with a shorter review.
  • If you don’t really have much to say about the book and it felt kind of “meh” to you, it’s nicer to write a short review because there isn’t much to say about it!
  • Honestly, if you’re just feeling plain lazy a short review can be your ticket to getting the review done and over with (I know I have those days!)
  • Short reviews are much quicker to read through if you’re just looking for a general idea about what the book is like.
  • You can do a list style/bullet point review, which is simple and fun!

What are some cons to shorter reviews?

  • Not as much detail is provided
  • Sometimes you might not be able to get enough out of a short review to determine if you would like to read the book or not (depends on your personal preference)

What are some pros to longer reviews?

  • More details on elements of the book: plot, characters, romance, writing, etc.
  • There should be plenty of information provided to determine if you’d like to read the book or not.
  • If you really loved/enjoyed the book you’re reviewing, it’s nice to do a long review so you can express and discuss it more!

What are some cons to longer reviews?

  • More time consuming to write/type.
  • They’re longer to read, of course!

Which style of review do you prefer more, shorter or longer?

I really do enjoy both styles of review! However, I think I lean more towards short reviews when I’m writing them and towards longer reviews when reading them (that might just be me being lazy though). Although sometimes I prefer a quick, short review  to read just to get a general idea bout the book and if I’d like to read it or not!

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What are some of your pros/cons for shorter reviews?

What are some of your pros/cons for longer reviews?

Do you prefer one over the other? Why?

Let me know in the comments and come join the discussion!

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