Discussion Post: Mentioning Your Blog “In Real Life”

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Hello fellow book lovers! Today’s discussion post was something I dug out of the depths of my “post idea notebook” and realized that it’s also something I think about A LOT and would love your input on! This is pretty straight forward so it may not be as long as some of my other discussions.

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How often do you mention your blog out “in real life”?

I personally do not mention my blog all that much out in the real world just because it’s something a little more personal for me and I’m not super comfortable sharing it with everyone. Of course I’m not embarrassed by it, per say, I just don’t have a reason to go around discussing it. Maybe if I had more bookish friends I would, but sadly I don’t but that’s what I’m blogging for!

Is it something you’re comfortable sharing with everyone or just select people?

Select people for me! As I mentioned with the above question I barely talk about my blog in real life so when I do choose to talk about it’s with certain people, mostly my family and very close friends. People that I’m comfortable with and know won’t “judge” me for blogging about books.

Normally I don’t worry about what people think of me but when it comes to my blog I don’t want to give people a reason to say hurtful things about something I enjoy. So I choose to keep my blog to myself and the chosen few. I honestly wish I didn’t feel like this about my blog but part of my anxiety holds me back in this way.

How do you choose when and who you discuss your blog with?

As I stated I only mention my blog to close family and friends as far as WHEN I do this it really depends. If I’m super excited about a book or ARC that I got then I will briefly mention how it is I’m able to receive an ARC and then dive into the details. Also when I’m just excited in general about a post or book and the same goes for when something upsets me as well.

Are you loud and proud about your blog or like to keep it more to yourself?

This is kind of where I’m in between. On the one side with certain people I am very loud and proud about my blog and will talk about it endlessly like it’s my baby (which it is!) and then sometimes I just keep it to myself and don’t mention it a whole lot. I’m definitely very proud of my blog and all of the work I put into it, which we should all be, but sometimes I just like to keep some things personal.

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Come Join The Discussion!

How do you generally feel about discussing your blog?

So, do you mention your blog in real life or do you keep it more to yourself?

Is there a reason you do or don’t mention it a lot?

Are you comfortable sharing with everyone or no?

Do only certain people know about your blog?

Please let me know in the comments!

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