Hey all you awesome people who decided to check out my blog!

I’m Heather, a 23 year old book addict living in the semi-permanently frozen part of the U.S. (a.k.a the Midwest).

I love reading (obviously) but I spend a lot of time also watching movies and TV shows, seriously I have amassed so much useless knowledge over the years it’s unbelievable.

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror

Favorite Authors: VE Schwab, Jay Kristoff, Laini Taylor, Christina Henry, Kara Thomas, Madeline Miller, & Pierce Brown

When I don’t have my nose stuck in a book you can probably find me playing video games! Some of my all time favorite video games/series (in case you were wondering) would be Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Skyrim, and Fallout. Don’t be shy if you wanna nerd out with me about any of them too!

In the rest of my spare time you can find me wandering around looking for animals to pet, yes I’m 23 but I won’t ever outgrow the whole “HEY! Can you pet your dog?” thing. I really love animals, big time animal lover over here!

Some of my other obsessions are Bookstagram (@thesassybookgeek), candles, and rock music.

If you want to know more random and potentially interesting things about me you can check out these posts:


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  22. Hey! So, you were my blogs 500th follower and as a result I am putting together a thank you post and I was going to link back to your blog! If you have any other social media outlets that you use, like bookstagram, I would love to mention them. Also, if you can think up a book recommendation for me to add that would be awesome! If you don’t want to do any of that, just let me know!

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    • Thank you that is a very sweet, thoughtful idea and I’d love to do it! I have a bookstagram under the username thesassybookgeek and a twitter account @SassyBookGeek. My recommendation for you is “Vicous” by VE Schwab, I hope you haven’t read it yet if so let me know and I can rec another book for you! 😁

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