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book blogger tmi

Ok so I decided to do this tag because I’m a very, VERY new book blogger still. We’re talking weeks old here people. Therefore I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give all you fabulous people reading this some information about me!! I wasn’t tagged by anyone but that won’t be happening for a long time anyways. I do what I want! I also just really love answering questions.

So let’s begin shall we?

How Old Are You?

I’m 20 years old but I’ll be 21 soon, so you should just think of me as 21.

What Book Are You Reading?

I just started “The Wrath and the Dawn” by Renee Ahdieh. Very exciting, I hear nothing but good things about this book.

What Are You Wearing?

This sounds creepy. I’m wearing shorts and a T-Shirt, and you now know my entire wardrobe.

Favorite OTP?

Ummmmm I have to pick just one? Then it’s Aragorn and Arwen from “The Lord of the Rings” all the way. I adore them.

Blogger or WordPress?

Well I have no idea about Blogger and my blog is hosted on WordPress soooooo…..Wordpress!

Going Outside Being Active Or Staying In And Reading A Book?

Does going outside and reading count? Because that’s what I do. Otherwise I pick staying in and reading a book. This is me being outside:

What Is The Last Book You Read?

Midwinterblood” by Marcus Sedgwick. It’s fantastic. I gave brief review of it here on my blog if you’re interested in reading awesomeness.

What Is The Book You’re Going To Read Next?

I actually never really know because library books I put on hold randomly pop in and ruin my plans but I’m going to say “Anna Dressed In Blood” will be next!

Ebooks – yes or no?

Yes! While I do enjoy having beautiful physical copies to hold and love and show off, I really love the convenience of using ebooks. Can’t find a book you want? Bam! Buy the ebook. More often than not they’re cheaper as well.

Where Do You Prefer To Read?

In a big old comfy chair in the living room! But I don’t usually get to read there because people are disruptive, so I opt for either my bed or my hammock outside.

Who Is The Last Person You Tweeted?

On my personal Twitter, I don’t tweet. Ever. On my book blog Twitter account I haven’t tweeted anyone because I have no bookish friends yet. :


Katniss is my spirit animal.

Whose Blog Did You Look At Last?

The Deadly Darlings. I love their blog. I stalk by there all the time.

Who Is Your Favorite Blogger?

I can’t pick favorites, that feels a little rude. They’re all wonderful.

Who Is Your Favorite Book-Tuber?

I have only ever watched 3 so: Jesse The Reader, Kat at Katytastic, and Emily May at The Book Geek.

What Do You Do When Someone Tells You Reading Is Boring?

Usually people don’t, but if they did I’d sit and desperately try to convince them otherwise. Desperately. With lots of talking and hand gestures.

Who Is The Last Author You Talked To?

I haven’t talked to any….I’m new at this.

Who Is The Last Person You Texted?

My boyfriend, I send him a lot of random things that pop into my head all day, every day. Poor guy.

Who Is Your All Time Favorite Book Character?

WHAT? I HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE? I don’t think I can, physically or emotionally. But I’m going to have to go with…….Daenerys Targaryen. She’s awesome, I wanna be her best friend maybe she’d let me have a dragon.


I am actually not sure how much UKYA I’ve actually read……so I’m going to go with USYA and hope nobody hates me for it.

What Is Your Preferred Drink Whilst Reading?

I don’t have a preference, I’m actually lucky if I remember to get anything to drink before I start reading. But I’d have to say tea, hot tea or iced tea. I freaking love tea in all of its forms.

If You Hated Reading What Would You Be Doing Instead?

Binge watching TV and movies. Either on Netflix or from my hundred DVD/Bluray collection, I have a problem.

How Many Bookshelves/Bookcases Do You Have?

I think I have 5, they’re not huge or anything. I also have stacks of books on top of my end table, stacked on top of the bookcases, stacked in piles on the floor by my bed, and then I have boxes of other books in my closet. I also have a lot of ebooks and they don’t make a mess.

If You Had The Choice To Meet All Of Your Favorite Book Bloggers Or All Of Your Favorite Authors, Which Would You Pick? You Can Only Pick One.

Bloggers. I would feel ten times more comfortable with bloggers than authors, plus I’d be able to discuss a wider range of books with bloggers.

Insta-Love: Yes or No?

Favorite Author?

I hate all these favorite questions….I don’t pick favorites. So unfair. Fine though, I pick George R.R. Martin. You hear that Martin? Now finish my next book! *shakes fist up at the heavens*

What Is The Number One Book On Your Wish-List?

Lips Touch: Three Times” by Laini Taylor. I want this book with a burning, fiery passion. Hopefully someone will buy this for my birthday because I NEED IT!

Do You Prefer Books With Female or Male Protagonists?

Both are definitely fine with me, a good character is a good character in my eyes. However, I feel like I never read enough books with male protagonists, but I still don’t prefer one over the other.

Which Is Your Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptation?

The mother-trucking “The Lord of the Rings” !!!!!

What Is The Last Song You Listened To?

Of my own free will? “Uma Thurman” by Fallout Boy. Fallout Boy is the greatest band in the history of bands. Period

What Do You Enjoy Reading More – Negative Reviews or Positive Reviews?

Both. I like to hear all perspectives on a book, that way I ensure if it’s something I actually want to read or not.

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