Unplanned Hiatus/Blogging Slump Update

Hey guys! As you can probably guess from the title of this post I’m giving you a quick update on why you haven’t seen me around (AT ALL) these last couple weeks.

Well I think it’s a bit of exaggeration on my part saying there is a reason at all, because there really isn’t other than that I’m extremely lazy (just kidding, but also not really)! I’ve been going through a blogging slump recently and have ZERO motivation to do anything blog-related from doing posts up, commenting, and checking out out your guys’ posts as well. I feel terrible for it too which only makes the slump worse since I really get after myself for being such a crappy blogger (in my eyes) sometimes. Believe me when I say a slump does absolutely no good for the self esteem and don’t even get me started on seeing my stats decline!

The only upside here is the fact that even though I’ve been a terrible, crappy blogger and not chatting with you guys recently I have actually kept up with my reading. There would be nothing worse then a dual blogging/book slump! So needless to say I do have material for posts but I just don’t….feel…. like blogging at the moment. Which is horrible because I want to but at the same time my brain won’t really let me if that makes sense to you guys.

So this is just a little update to let you all know that I DO miss you and want to get back to chatting books with you all soon, I’m hoping to get back in the groove here this week or next week! I also apologize in advance that my comments on my own posts and yours will be super late, PLEASE FORGIVE ME?!

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10 thoughts on “Unplanned Hiatus/Blogging Slump Update

  1. Don’t apologise! I go through Blogging slumps all the time and the guilt you feel for your lack of posts sucks because you know you want to post you just don’t have that motivation. You’re not alone in that feeling!

    It’s so good that you have been able to catch up with reading though, there is nothing worse than a book and blog slump! šŸ™‚

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  2. I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been feeling like that for a while now and I totally get it! I’ve worked on a better schedule where I’m not planning on posting every single day. A break is sometimes necessary and at least you had some time to read šŸ˜Š Hope to have you back really soon, Heather šŸ’•

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