ARC Review: The Barrow Will Send What It May (Danielle Cain #2) by Margaret Killjoy

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Margaret Killjoy’s Danielle Cain series is a dropkick-in-the-mouth anarcho-punk fantasy that pits traveling anarchist Danielle Cain against eternal spirits, hypocritical ideologues, and brutal, unfeeling officers of the law.

Now a nascent demon-hunting crew on the lam, Danielle and her friends arrive in a small town that contains a secret occult library run by anarchists and residents who claim to have come back from the dead. When Danielle and her crew investigate, they are put directly in the crosshairs of a necromancer’s wrath — whose actions threaten to trigger the apocalypse itself.


**** Big thank you to Tor for sending me this ARC in exchange for an honest review****

As much as I loved “The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion” (review here) I think I loved this one a tiny bit more! It’s a fantastic continuation of this series.


The story picks up right where it left off in “The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion”, with the gang heading out in search of more magical happenings (that’s a term right?) and to hunt some more demons. They find themselves in a small town in Montana where there happens to be an occult library run by fellow punks/anarchists, and a few people who seem to have risen from the dead, and the potential impending apocalypse, right up their alley!

The plot was just as interesting as it was in the first book with all of the magic, spirits/demons, and even a few more run ins with the law. It was fast paced, full of action, and we got to see some more of the fantastic world building I couldn’t get enough of in the first book too! I loved how just a bit more of the magic and info on the “endless spirits” were introduced, once again it was my favorite part of the story. Plus that ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, so I’m dying to get my hands on the next book!

We also still get a Midwest setting in this novella, which as you know I loved in the first book. There’s even a mention of them driving across North Dakota, which was fun to see since that’s my home state and I pretty much never see it in any books I read!

Honestly, I found the whole “driving across the States in search of demons/spirits” thing to be very Supernatural-esque, so if you’re a fan of the show (like me!) then I definitely think this series is worth checking out.


As I already mentioned we get to visit the same characters along with a few new additions. If anything reading this book has endeared them all to me even more! We got to see a tiny bit more development with certain characters as well, I’m surprised by how much punch they pack for being in such short stories but I’m impressed. Overall the characters are well written!

Plus I really liked the two new characters we got to see that run the occult library, but I may be a little biased because one’s name was Heather. I almost never see my name in books so that’s always a treat!

Once again Danielle’s anxiety rep is on point, very relatable. And there is still diversity present as far as POC and LGTB characters, there’s also a brief mention of a genderfluid character as well.


FINALLY! I love a good slow burn romance and the crush that was developed in the first book is finally making some progress! Honestly Brynn and Danielle are the cutest, I ship them hard.

in conclusion

What I Loved:

  • Diverse characters
  • More world building
  • More magic and spirits!
  • Reminiscent of Supernatural
  • Midwest setting
  • Great, interesting plot
  • Well written characters (one named Heather! Woot!)
  • Slow burn romance development

What I Didn’t Love:

  • Cliffhanger ending! I want more!


Overall I would say if you loved the first book in this series then you’ll definitely love the sequel, I know I loved it even more! I would also say if you’re looking for a great story about some demon-hunting badasses or you’re a fan of Supernatural then you might enjoy these novellas too!

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