January Wrap Up

Top Ten Tuesday

Wow, is this what it feels like to actually be productive again? Honestly it’s such a relief to finally be getting back to my old routine with reading and blogging. I’m still working on it but thank you all for bearing with me! My anxiety has kept me from commenting, reading, and blogging but I’m finally feeling like I can do this again!

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July + August Wrap Up

Top Ten Tuesday.jpg

Apparently two month wrap up combinations are my new thing, which I don’t WANT but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve been finding blogging and reading for the past few months to be a bit of a challenge and it’s starting to feel more like a job than a hobby. I’m considering taking AN OFFICIAL hiatus but I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. For now let’s take a look at my piddly wrap up and hope things look up!

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May + June Wrap Up

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I’m just gonna slide back in here and act like I haven’t been MIA for 2 months….

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Also always looking for an excuse to use ‘John Wick’ gifs. Sorry, the unannounced break was needed apparently. I have been out of the loop and I actually hate not knowing what’s going on in the book community, I’ve missed it! Without further ado here’s my (mostly reading) wrap ups for May and June!

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